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Birthday bash 06
Art Gecko
Christmas fun (2005)
Old School
Freshers Week Fun
The Sugababes Challenge
Keep 'Cool' with Jamie
Tell it to the Claw

Why Hello there!
This website was created as a way to keep in touch and up to date with friends from back home, and also to give me something to do with my spare time other than watching Diagnosis Murder and Monk!
I hope to keep it updated pretty regularly so add it to your favourites and check back!
Sarah Chaplin


The site has all sorts of links and pages dedicated to various things so have a look around, and hopefully a laugh!
Check out the 'News' section to check out what i've been up to lately and remember to sign my guestbooks, either in the 'Old School' or 'Art Gecko' sections.


NEW: Check out my Art-Gecko section. Loads of work has been done on it so check it out!

Apple previews the new sections of the website!


You have now read it... you can't Unread it!!

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