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Freshers Week Fun

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Freshers Week Fun
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Just a few pics from my Freshers Week 2005. Sorry about the picture quality on most of them!


Hey EWE! Back to School!
Such a great fancy dress night! James dressed as a school girl in Beckys shirt, my traindrivers hat and a paper tie! Everyone looked awesome! (Even Toby who went dressed as a PE teacher!)
Toby's outfit came in rather handy later on when he poured his pint on a bouncer's head from the stairs and ended up getting chased out of the Cube!





South Hill Halls!
Yet another Freshers week fancy dress event! The Chamberlain Halls JCR arranged a fancy dress night where you had to dress as something beginning with the 1st letter of your Halls, e.g. Something beginning with S for South Hill.
Dave went as Spongebob squarepants and got his groove on with a crazyly energetic dance that made the nose on his costume wiggle!
James went as a Surfer in a wetsuit and ended up rather sweaty!
Jamie went as a Scuba Diver and borrowed my snorkel and mask. Opps, silly me, i forgot to tell them that it has valves that stop water coming in the top, so when they tried to pour beer in it, it just emptied on his head!
Toby went as a Soldier. Nice hat. Enough said!
Becky went as a Salsa Dancer!


The Freshers Ball!
Freshers Week ends with a big party at the Cube called Freshers Ball. This years was Charlie and the Chocolate factory themed and there were chocolate fountains, Willy Wonka (Jonny Depp lookalie) and even OOMPA LOOMPAS! (The Oompa Loompa's were the best!)
Crazy Frog turned up to do a dance on stage (Oh dear) and the night was ended with Simon from Blue singing (He was acutally really good!)


(This Picture acutally captures the Angry Dave Monster which is mostly seen rampaging through the streets of Portswood on a monday or wednesday night! In this photo you can clearly see it struggling for freedom in a Jeckle and Hyde stylie)


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